Whoopi Goldberg Backlash

This, to me, was an amazing learning moment. It needed desperately to be a calling-in and not a calling-out.

People making an error and being willing to listen and agree that the other viewpoint makes more sense — that’s us at our best, and it’s a huge help to actually changing more minds.

Everyone with the same viewpoint watching her change her mind is more likely to change their mind; everyone watching us punish her for their shared viewpoint is likely to feel other’d by us.

Temp: Alex Jones vs Trump

The left generally sees Trump's movement as unmoveable, I've long disagreed: imho it has always been fragile: it will never bend, given the right push it will shatter. Until it shatters, it is solid. The right wing often has conflicts: Trump voters watch these conflicts and wait to follow the new consensus. Liberals often point out hypocrisy: the obvious response from Team-Trump is to see an opposing team calling you hypocrites, calling you liars, so you give the opposing team the finger. This seriously distracts from the in-fighting.