It's a Trap: Left and Right, Guns and Crony Capitalism

Many Sanders supporters claim there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. As I write, Democratic Congresspeople are holding a sit-in to demand gun control while Republicans after Orlando still march under the NRA’s orders. 

Today they are calling the Republicans out, demanding change, leading. Today there is no doubt there is a difference, and lives are on the line. When corporate give-aways are on the line, it’s much harder to tell the difference.

Research needed: Liberals + Forests = Sanctity?

According to Moral Foundations Theory, conservatives are much more attuned to sacredness or sanctity than liberals are. When I say this to liberals, they often use nature as a counter-example.

Are they wrong? Does cutting down a forest seem to violate fairness to liberals: you didn't plant that forest, so you can't cut it down. Does a forest seem in some way alive, so cutting down a forest lacks compassion to the forest itself?

Or have we found an edge case contradiction to Moral Foundations, where liberals do see sanctity, see a natural order that should not be violated?

Just Vote Blue vs BernieOrBust

The Democratic Party, have a surprisingly mature start to the primary season, is about to tear itself apart. These frames aren't just angry, they are disrespectful. BernieOrBust pretends to be talking to the DNC, but a huge portion of the Sanders base including volunteers (and likely including Sanders) will be very upset if the Sanders primary plays even a small role in a Republican victory. And "Just Vote Blue" is basically saying "shut up."

What are the real messages, how could each of these movements be reframed to work?

Effective Comment Framing Example: Is Sanders too far left to win the election?

Online comments are one of the worst places for mind-changing conversations. A key techniques to get around this: create your frame and question, but leave it open ended, requesting the reader to draw the conclusion. The example below is in response to someone who believes Sanders is a lost cause because he is too far left:

Framing: Bernie Sanders Campaign

This blog extends the advice from Cognitive Politics to today's politics. It is oriented towards citizen-activists and not just politicians.

Goals Overview

Sanders twin goals are to build a movement bursting with enthusiasm and swing swingable voters -- without his movement's bursting enthusiasm offending those swingable voters. The primary seems to be a race against time and and isolation within his demographics.

Goals, Framing, Strategy: Hillary Clinton Campaign

This blog extends the advice from Cognitive Politics to today's politics. It is oriented towards citizen-activists and not just politicians. Political campaigns often devolve into slugfests, this site explores integrating stories and finding techniques that fit a campaign's goals.

Goals Overview

Better Messengers

I think the military is going to face increased threats from global warming. But I'm not right messenger to say that to someone who thinks liberals and scientists are in cahoots. Somewhere a conservative general has read the science. This is a very short blog, hoping for your comments: who are good messengers, when a liberal voice is not the right voice? Please list your favorite Christians for tolerance and charity, veterans for peace and a stable planet, conservatives opposing monopolies and crony-capitalism.