Net Neutrality — Action Steps

Quick Guide: Net Neutrality

This is an action guide. We'd love to find a better messenger to reach conservatives, but until we find that, wanted to put something up. The materials below are oriented to getting less active friends to take a more political step.

Based on the Progressive Guide to Social Media: framing, radical civility and social media skills to effectively counter outrage-politics. Not intended to be shared with people you're arguing with, but to give ideas and articles to share that help detangle arguments.

Produced rather informally by people at Cognitive Politics: a Communications Workbook for Progressives and Social Media Approaches for Respect and Tolerance and we'd love for you to get involved! -more-

Posts to Initiate

Share this in circles that like John Oliver, as a starting point to get people more active:

Take Action


For teachers: Teaching Tolerance in classrooms.

Quora is often a good place to look for well thought articles to share on topics like these, that feel written by a person rather than a reporter, opinions on NFL players taking a knee or protesting the anthem. If you want people in another filter bubble to hear a wide variety of voices reinforcing well-thought, calm and balanced views, it's a good place to find them.