Online Resources

Just a few key bibliographic links from the book that I think readers are most likely to be interested in:

Chapter 1. George Lakoff discusses reframing and reclaiming some words and phrases currently used more effectively by Republicans: Reframing, Words to Reclaim. For a good introduction to his theoretical work on metaphors, outside of politics, read the first pages of Metaphor: The Language of the Unconscious.

Chapter 2. There has been an increasing scientific consensus that there are real differences between what we label liberal and conservative. Differences in Conservative and Liberal Brains is a good overview, or see The Secret Lives of Liberals and Conservatives:
Personality Profiles, Interaction Styles, and the
Things They Leave Behind
for a detailed and historical look at the science.

Chapter 4. The Authoritarians, Bob Altemeyer.

Chapter 6, Abortion: Sanctity, Authority, Otherness. Paul Ryan's The Cause of Life simply never mentions women.