Conversations across the partisan divide: think of difficult political conversations you've had. Maybe you can't convince someone to change their vote; maybe personal relationships are being damaged by politics. We'll gather a small group, and:

Photo from a workshop
  1. We each share a conversation that isn't working for us, that isn't inspiring — and share what we wish might go better. Does politics ruin your Thanksgiving? Or silence you? Or is there someone you want to convince more effectively?
  2. Overview what cognitive science is finding about the differences between liberals and conservatives. We'll explore how some communications techniques can apply.
  3. Then together explore ways to improve each of our difficult conversations. Each group brings their own skills and expertise, coming up with new approaches that may go in the next workshop.
Do you have a bookclub, favorite meetup, or host a potluck? A bookstore, or an activist group? A yoga or meditation community that wants to make political conversations connective rather than confrontational? Let's discuss hosting a workshop:
Describe the workshop you'd like to host. Possibilities include: book store readings, through Meetups, as an alternative activity for volunteer or activist groups, or even as a potluck activity with your friends. 
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How it works: Hosting these workshops is similar to hosting a book reading. You create the setting and gather most of the attendees; Stephen will bring materials, and sell copies of Cognitive Politics. Fees for workshops are kept minimal and appropriate to the event and transporation costs; I never want costs to stop a useful workshop. 

I'm most commonly between the San Francisco Bay area up to Seattle, and in Nashville.  Online works as well.

Flyer for festival workshop: "Chair Pose is a challenge: Politics is misery"