Creating a Progressive Communications Ecosystem: Text and Graphics

Why do Democrats suck at messaging?

It's a question whined about millions of times. We're not here for more whining.

We're here to figure out how folks adjacent to the Democrats could get better at messaging, on resources that already exist plus what a few volunteers can build a working prototype.

A quick intro to the plan.

Map of SCP Plans Ahead

Gather existing communication experts — the "roots" in the image below — to regularly talk to each other and combine ideas into high quality suggestions, issue by issue. Volunteers at Scaling Communication for Progressives will index the webinars and techniques from a variety of experts.

People seeking to improve political communication skills can use this ready-to-consume content — the "fruit" of the tree.  This might include advice on framing, listening, resources, and questions you might post to start better conversations. The hope is that something recommended by the experts works for someone, and afterwards they get curious enough to listen to a webinar or take a training. Instead of being asked up front to learn new communication skills, people will witness successes using the prepared content, and then get curious about what worked for them.

Activists act as gardeners: Promote those suggestions where millions of progressives will see them in progressive social media communities. , and see links back to the trainings materials of the experts, over and over.

Think this needs to happen? Pick one small piece you'd like to work on, and join us.

Teams & Short Term Help

This is the first draft map for the people who want to set up the garden others can plant seeds in.  This could transform a lot of the struggles progressives complain about it. If not you, who?