Scaling Progressive Communications


Ask yourself, ask your progressive friends: Tell me your three favorite sources for better communication advice?

Most progressives believe our democracy has lost its way, perhaps that fascists are at the gate, but we haven't even begun to organize more intelligent messaging.

Progressive Communications at Scale is a volunteer effort to begin to gather information about what is out there, and draw a road-map so that a larger organization or funders could build a progressive communications training center. If you've seen other people doing this, please connect us! We don't want to re-invent the wheel here. We've seen lots of amazing-but-tiny training efforts by linguists and therapists, but no one integrating these ideas and bringing them to scale. In many ways the hard part of the work is done: there are communication geniuses out there who bring heart, integrity and strategy to progressive communications: they just need a team to weave their ideas together and get them in practice.

Early Resources

Map of Communication Experts: Here are folks and organizations with great ideas that we want to integrate into one guide. Communication Techniques: From "Yes, and..." to choosing progressive metaphors, we're creating a syllabus of techniques. Rapid Response: Issue by issue, we'll put suggested posts, comments, resources and metaphors at your fingertips.

Help us scale it

The public view will start with the rapid response, with each response leading to the techniques syllabus, and ultimately to the trainers.

Roots of a tree representing communication techniques

The tree at the center: Every couple weeks a diverse group of communication experts will pick a new issue to explore, combining ideas. A critical mass of experts working together can create content that MoveOn and Indivisible and leading Democrats can use and share.

The gardeners: A team that edits and coordinates the work of the experts. Some teams will go out and practice using these techniques, iterating and providing feedback. A membership that pushes back against using social media algorithms as the method of leadership on progressive communications.

Hosted here for a moment

Hosted on the Cognitive Politics website because it's available. This project is likely to be renamed and certainly moved as soon as we have volunteers or resources.