Progressive Messaging Resources

These are a variety of framing and messaging resources. Many are more attack-oriented then Cognitive Politics.

Broad Introductions to Framing

The Winning Words Project reviews framing options on many issues, intending to help you have real conversations.
Framelab is George Lakoff's current blog.
Their Responding to the Wingnuttery is similar to some of the efforts here to prepare us to have quick online comments.


Messaging Matters helps liberals attack conservative messages. It doesn't pull punches, for example, one blog proclaims: The one-word definition of conservatism is “selfishness.”

It looks a lot like aggressive conservative messaging, feeding your own side your own message -- these are ways to circle the wagons, not invite broad participation.

If you've read Cognitive Politics, you can guess I think this is a very limited perspective and counter-productive. Messaging Matters nonetheless has a great blog-roll worth checking out.

The Daily Signal is an example from the conservatives. Most of these hard-hitting sites on either side just attack paper tigers and absent opponents.

If noise helps your side -- if constant infantile arguments help obstruct cooperation -- then hard-hitting makes sense. I strongly discourage it for people who want compassionate politics (not merely Democrats) to succeed.

Data Resources

These tools don't necessarily go as deep into changing frames, but show what works today in our current frames:

Data for Progress.

Tools for Organizers with Specific Campaigns

Say This, Not That Workbook.