Accepting Realities You Don't Like: Climate Change

"Don’t like the solutions? Don’t admit there’s a problem." Mark Reynolds writes that Republicans in Congress stop denying the science around climate change after organizations like the Citizens Climate Lobby show them solutions that don't clash with their values. They didn't look at a real problem, not like the first solutions, and so dig up their own solutions. Instead they were paralyzed

If people are refusing to see a problem because they don't like the solution, do you think they really see the problem and are lying to us all, or is this a cognitive limitation where people are unable to admit to themselves that there is a problem? While I'm sure there are some lobbyists who know they are creating a misinformation campaign, I expect most people Many campaigns on the left are fact-oriented, and we try to prove ourselves right and the other side wrong -- this has been the main approach with climate change education. But stories of cooperation seem to work better: what can we do together, following values that make sense to all of us?

Liberals might want to look for parallels in the War on Poverty, where we are desperate for success but many improvements in programs come from conservatives.