Support Cognitive Politics!

It's published! The "Grand Launch" with social media and advertising this autumn, once the Amazon site has enough reviews. I could really use, I would tremendously appreciate, some help to make Cognitive Politics into a book that can perhaps help turn elections. People seem to like KickStarter. Yes, publishing a book is expensive, but I can work and raise the money for this book. I can't get a perspective outside my own head, I can't be part of enough communities where a workshop would help, and can't write a dozen reviews of my own book. I put this in Crowdfunding format partly because it seems hard to get people to take volunteering as seriously as money, but the non-monetary contributions are honestly more valuable to me (unless, maybe, you pay for the editor :-)

Much of what I'm hoping for today is people to write reviews, then commitments to buy the book on places like Amazon on the official launch day in early March.

There are three things I can't do myself, that I need help with for this book to be a success:

(1) Reviews! Especially on Amazon, or GoodReads. Also, feedback on the book or design elements.
(2) Connections for workshops (in lieu of book readings).
(3) Book purchases on the grand launch day. A burst of attention might lead to promotion and more attention. A slow trickle, even if it's the same total number of purchases and reviews, won't inspire the algorithms to promote my book.

Support Cognitive Politics!

Please help me get this book in front of the people who could benefit from it and near the top of the bookstore algorithms so others can find it. [Exact costs tbd. via Amazon]

Write an Amazon Review

Will you write an honest review for Amazon or Good Reads? Can you have it ready on the day the book goes on sale? Happy to give you a free book for a review, or discounted ... super to have some regular-price reviews for algorithm reasons (doesn't matter for books going to politicians and organizations).

Connect a more political friend

Which of your friends would love to read Cognitive Politics? Would you hand them a copy, ask them to write an early review if they like it?
PDF (around $3) or physical (around $12) or ask me for a coupon.

Host a Workshop

Can you host a workshop, perhaps a potluck, for your friends? Are you a member of a Meetup, volunteer with a political group, or member of a bookclub? Can you ask if they'd like me to run a workshop?

Purchase copies for reviewers

Some reviewers will accept ebooks, others want a print copy. It takes about $10 to send one to regular Good Reads/Amazon reviewers.

Buy a copy for your politicians

I'd like to leave a copy with each Democratic Senator and representative (for anyone on their staff to read), and also county or state Democratic party offices. Send as a gift from Amazon with a note from you. (1-3 books for your rep and senators.)

Spam Back!

Which lefty organization keeps sending emails to incite fear and anger in order to get your donation, while failing to prepare you to work on the issues you signed up for? Send them back a copy, along with your encouragement to think about cooperating with other progressive or high-integrity organizations on shared message efforts.

Raffle copy for your county Democratic Party

Are you getting more active locally? County Democratic Parties have things like spaghetti dinners with raffles. Show up with a copy of Cognitive Politics to put in their basket.