Clear Examples How Democrats Could Frame Their Values -- Why Don't They?

By Stephen, 27 October, 2016

What Hillary Clinton Needs to Say to Beat Donald Trump by Julie Sedivy is an detailed plan of how the Clinton campaign could be framing its message to reach across the partisan divide. Twelve years after George Lakoff wrote Don't Think of an Elephant, the Democrats still don't bother to frame their message, they still don't put their core values front and center. Why not?

Framing is often seen as a bit dishonest: You don't come up with a marketing plan, you just speak the truth. But the Clinton campaign is famous for holding back transcripts from speeches and carefully limiting what is spoken. This isn't a campaign afraid to take a lawyer's eye to a transcript, while refusing to take a marketer's eye.

Clinton frames herself as qualified [like a job applicant], while Trump continues to frame himself as a deal-maker [like a mob boss]. In the last two weeks before the election we're probably not going to see a revolution in Democratic framing, but it could look like dismantling Disloyal Donald's gang-leader frame while following Sedivy's advice:

"In a race where many conservative voters are wary of Trump’s dystopian, us-vs.-them message, Clinton has a chance to flip the script, but only if she sheds her wonky tendencies in favor of highlighting more expansive American values. Moreover, the most recent Canadian election provides a template for how this can play out outside the laboratory walls."