Communicating the Trump Taxes — with votes in mind

By Stephen Cataldo, 28 September, 2020

Progressives: In the New York Times report on Trump's taxes: what in it would disturb a possible Trump voter (not necessarily a core Trump voter) the most?

What in the report disturbs you the most? Odds on, that is probably not the right answer for a possible Trump voter! Think of whose self image is that they work hard for their money and would enjoy gaming their own taxes if they could.

Take what you think is the most disturbing thing in the in the report, and turn it into a non-leading question. Aim to have the reality of the situation, rather than your opinion, get people to see things as you do.

Please put your ideas in the comments.

Suggested Framing, After Trying This Exercise:

As the day goes on and ideas collect, I think the direction to go if you still have swingable people in your life or media stream is to affirm that many people voted for Trump knowing that he admitted to abusing the system that helps the rich at the expense of the rest of us BECAUSE he claimed to be the candidate who knew the swamp well enough to fight it. It's an argument that I think many ~conservatives might remember. {Technique: Listen} And then followup by asking the question:

Years ago Trump was able to write off $75,000 in haircuts from his taxes, part of the swamp in DC. This was no surprise: Trump told us the system was a swamp, and that he was rich enough and connected enough to benefit. He promised us that if we elected him President he'd use this knowledge to drain the swamp — and he got many votes from good people hoping he knew the swamp well enough to drain it. So, did he? Do you think that today rich people are still writing off bullshit like haircuts, or did Trump fix it? What's your opinion?