Draft: Pressure and Escape Valve

By Stephen, 28 February, 2017

The Trump administration is battered. Most blows self-inflicted, a good bit more from the left. It is reeling. It doesn't no where to go.

This means that all that pressure is just leading to a wounded presidency. Perhaps it will lead to President Pence.

Where do we want it to lead? I can only see one decent option, which is not President Pence. It is for Trump to redefine himself, to claim all along that he supported policies that would actually be popular. He won't become a Sanders-clone. But he might replace Bannon and similar advisors with responsible people, and he might create schisms in the Republican Party that cost them every time they try to sell out their working-class voters in the future.

This is a draft, please leave comments and help develop this idea. Given that Trump is in the White House, as we build up pressure, what is the escape valve we want to provide for him? I want him to turn on the advisors who encouraged hate, to turn on the people who told him to change his mind on abolishing the electoral college, to turn on advisors who want him to hurt the working class. Pressure him till he turns on them and lies and says this was his plan all along:

- Focusing on those immigrants who have committed a non-immigration crime; he talked about rapists while running for office, he could start there.
- Giving labor a seat at the table on trade deals. We agree the TPP was a bad deal.
- Opposing the electoral college.
- Tell congress to hold off on spending $15 billion on the border wall till you have time to study the best deal. Maybe spend $100M this year and wait till Mexico is ready to pay for it or find an alternative solution {because tactically I don’t think we can stop this entirely -- the left won't stop every photo opp, but perhaps can reduce the problem by a factor of ten.}.

β€œI’m asking for the support of every voter … who wants to take our government back from the corrupt political class in Washington, D.C.”

If Trump is the narcisist the left things he is, with enough pressure he will seek an escape valve and transform himself to fit it.