Framing Exercise: Types of Lies

By Stephen Cataldo, 6 August, 2016

This is a framing exercise, exploring why PolitiFact says Clinton lies much less than typical politicians, yet she still has a terrible reputation? Part of a series looking at how lying is framed, rather than fact-checking as PolitiFact does.

Step 1: Think of 2 or 3 lies by Clinton. And half a dozen by Trump. Write them into a comment below.

Imagine that instead of this being an election, it's a sport, and they are athletes from your favorite team. Plus maybe you and they have all been drinking.

Step 2: For each lie, Is it just bragging or smack talk -- does it feel like they are lying to you, or is it just a bold claim you're invited to participate in?


My opponent is satan => smack talk
My program will save a trillion dollars => bragging
I didn't do it => lying to you