Framing that helps the Refugees

One of my relatives was a Jew on the very last boat out of Europe. The xenophobia rampant today would have handed him to the Nazis; it handed other innocent people to the Nazis, and wants to push innocent people fleeing ISIS back under their control. There is a tragedy going on today. And we who care are spreading a lot of funny, cynical, often quite true Facebook memes...

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I'd like to create a version of this first post that is aimed at the audience it should be aimed at, rather than just insulting them:

How would you word this, to reach the Pro-Life people who are true to their values, instead of insulting the ones who aren't (and really, obviously meaning to insult them all)? This blog is a draft for friends -- share your ideas with me, help me figure out which of these short phrases ring true or make changes.

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One of my favorite images, strong and clear, insulting (for those who can't give it up) in a different way (insulting within their value system, not insulting their value system) than many others:
States That Have Surrendered to ISIS

... Facebook memes that get a laugh inside our bubbles, but don't swing people who might be swung to help the refugees.


Articles Worth Sharing, In General

Anne Frank was denied entrance to the US

Cut these ideas into tweets

Are refugees fleeing terrorists more important than our usual bicker-battle between liberals and conservatives. They are to me. I want America to be courageous. Stand up to ISIS.

Bibliography to share with more thoughtful people:

If anyone sees these stories posted with integrity in more clearly conservative media I'd like to spread those especially.

Republican combat vet eviscerates ‘xenophobic’ conservatives: ISIS wins if you block refugees

Holocaust Museum Condemns Treatment Of Syrian Refugees In U.S.

"In Syria I learned that Islamic State longs to provoke retaliation. We should not fall into the trap." Nicolas Hénin was a hostage of ISIS.
I was held hostage by Isis. They fear our unity more than our airstrikes

"What seems almost certain is that the Islamic State wants you to equate refugees with terrorists. In turn, it wants refugees to equate the West with prejudice against Muslims and foreigners." The Islamic State wants you to hate refugees by Adam Taylor.

It's helpful to gather positive materials for different communities. A lot of what I've read coming from my roots in the Jewish community have been heartening, helps to spread the positive: Moved by moral imperative, Canadian synagogues sponsor Syrian refugees

Thoughts on Framing

Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery by Kevin Drum seems obvious to me, but we're not listening, so here's a link.

My initial thoughts that became this blog:
There are statements: "This isn't a crime, this isn't mere terrorism, this is war." (here) And policy goals: "This successful violence means the US should no longer accept the people fleeing from ISIS." These are, with just slight differences in wording, the statements and goals of certain Republican leaders and Daesh. I wonder if there is a way to frame this so that honorable conservatives, the people who believe that the US in WWII was the "Greatest Generation," would reject these cowards? How do we move out of a world where the Republicans and Democrats auto-oppose each other?

If you want to save American lives, texting while driving is a vastly more important topic than terrorism, please freak out about that for a while. If you want to save American honor and decency, stand with the other people being targeted by ISIS/Daesh.