Have a favorite progressive candidate — please consider this action

By Stephen, 27 January, 2019

All of us should have at least two goals for the primary in common:

That the primary does not damage the general election. Primaries should vet candidates, expose their weak points so those are old news in the general. But don't go too far. And more than anything, we all need to keep the process fair. Party primaries used to be non-democratic choices by the party; I want democracy in the primary, I want the candidate I support to push for that.

Create an Overton window, together with your opponents. I would like to hear ideas that differ, I would like debate, from "good" to "better." Show the American people the range of reasonable ideas within the Democratic Party. Focus on these ideas — not attacking Trump all the time. Leave America ready to have a reasonable debate, which will leave Trump outside. And while we're here — I want to know your framing strategies, and how you hope to get the Democratic Party on message and clear.

Does anyone want to help craft this into a letter that supporters of every candidate can send?