Mueller Report: Everyone's Celebrations and Mournings are Backwards

By Stephen, 26 March, 2019

Have you read the Mueller Report? Democrats wanted a silver bullet. They keep letting themselves get trolled. Republicans are mostly celebrating β€” but not every one. Mueller's investigation led to 34 people and 3 companies convicted or pled guilty and no strong evidence that the Trump campaign worked directly with the Russians. For most Republicans, this is a celebration β€” a few law and order Republicans are horrified with the corruption Mueller did find. What do you think?

To me, if you're a Democrat, and you're sad that there's no proof that your President colluded with the Russians, what the fuck? Mueller found a ton of corruption: shouldn't you feel some relief that maybe Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen's horrifying testimony is as bad as it gets, thank God? Democrats should be celebrating that our worst fears aren't proven.

if you're a Republican, you gave the country an administration rife with corruption but not treason at the highest levels β€”are you celebrating?

Here's a post from the GOP side that speaks to me: