Name and Frame this trend: Creating pools of people with challenges, isolating them, and refusing to help

By Stephen Cataldo, 5 July, 2017

Help name and frame a big, unnamed trend in politics: On both health-care and school's choice, a central goal of Republican policy is to have those with challenges — pre-existing conditions or kids who struggle — placed into pools of people with challenges, and people without challenges not have to help. If you have a pre-existing condition, or are a kid with ADHD, the Republicans want you to bear all the consequences for yourself and others with challenges. Social Darwinism is an old term not out of place, but not "who-what-when" enough for an effective reframing. They are isolating people with challenges instead of us all coming together. This has long been true in public schools, where zoning leaves low-income people living together, so kids from low-income parents wind up in poorer schools. This will come up in more places than just school vouchers and healthcare. So, as compassionate people who do not want to leave people behind (a group including many conservatives pained by the current Republican Party), help me fill in the blank so we can say "there you go again, ________."

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