Own Actions; Focus Judgements

By Stephen, 17 November, 2016

11/16/2016 Draft; big changes likely, suggestions welcome

Trying to figure out why so much of some demographics voted for a racist president, there is a fight between two ideologies. One side believes in acceptance: this is largely the fault of liberals for calling other people rednecks and looking down on them; we should respect everyone. The other side keeps saying things about bringing guns to knife fights, calling out racists, naming names and fighting back hard against the people we don't like.

Neither of these approaches is potential-respectful of the people you disagree with. I say potential-respectful, because not everyone deserves respect in the end, but we should begin by assuming respect as a likely possibility. If you are willing to respect someone, you expect them to earn it, and ask for what you want. Don't judge people, do judge actions.

This is a good time to see what the great thinkers behind the Democratic Party and liberal think tanks some spice company I've never heard of has to say: