Rapid Response on COVID-19

By Stephen, 3 April, 2020

Do you have parents whose favorite media is trying to get them killed, and you still care? Or do you want to create consequences for people who endanger lives, and see them lose the next election? This page is intended as an evolving resource guide for both health information and political information intended to cross the partisan divide.

What is your metaphor?

Right now I'm using:

a classroom, with the kids in the back blaming each other.

This works for our lack of preparedness, for the "China Virus" framing coming from the Whitehouse, for blaming states and governors.

Trump is always trying to blame someone. Imagine yourself as an adult, and you catch Trump shoot a spitball, so he says but Johnny shot a spitball first. You don't sit there arguing with the delinquent which class clown shot a spitball first — it doesn't help your case, your conversations will get lost in the details no one listens to. Just point out that he is trying to blame others, again and again and again.

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I've been thinking about two:

[Health & Relatives focused] There are GOP governors giving the right advice. If people in your life need to keep themselves safe, share — without comment, without making it left-vs-right — talks by people like Governor Hogan.

[Political: Cognitive Dissonance] Constantly go on the facebook pages etc of conservatives and share, without comment, two week old tweets and posts that contradict the current right-wing consensus. Do it without saying anything, imagine implying you are a supporter rather than opponent of whoever you are quoting. Make the cognitive dissidence feel internal to their movement

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Wonder short tweet thread, Captain Crozier cheered by the people under his command for putting their lives above his career. Recommendation to progressives: share without commenting about Trump. Minimize the length of leap people have to take to appreciate Crozier. Small steps happen, big leaps will be resisted! Just say: "Everyone should see this" or "Captain Crozier's crew cheered him for standing up for their safety!"

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Hammer and Dance
Coronavirus: Out of Many, One: What the US Federal Government and the States Should Do to Fight the Coronavirus: Great look at history of Spanish Flu, and how life and economics follow competence.

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What is it like being an Asian American in the Coronavirus era.