Rapid Response on Michael Cohen: Suggestions for Improving Conversations

By Stephen, 27 February, 2019

With Michael Cohen’s testimony, we’re seeing something that looks like a scene from a mobster movie: watch Representative Steube (R) try to prove that Cohen paid hush money for Trump but wasn't acting for Trump, or any of countless other bizarre moments. How did we get here? More importantly, how do we create a path for ordinary conservative-minded voters back to conservative values like balancing budgets, serving in the military when called, integrity, law & order?

So, what is an opening that splits the Trump train? Is there a way to start “on the train” and then change directions? Here’s my first draft. I'm wondering if the first sentence, on it's own, leaving the question open without conclusion, might not be the most powerful? Thoughts?

Before Trump stepped on the stage, Washington DC was a swamp. Many of us hoped he would turn that around.

We wondered if the FBI — people who believe in law and order, largely Republicans — hated Trump for deep-state reasons, or because he flagrantly violates the law and pissed off lifetime officers of the law. After Cohen’s testimony, we have an answer.

A lot of politicians seem to want Americans who live together in cities to hate people who live in open spaces, and vice-versa. I want to be on the other side of that. If I don’t like the tv shows you watch, if we disagree about guns — let’s go back to being Americans together anyway.

There aren’t a lot of conservative Republicans left in DC — politicians who balance budgets, who believe that the President should follow the constitution rather than declare an “emergency” when he loses a vote in Congress, who believe in integrity and law and order. There are a few, it’s time to get behind them.

When I look on Fox, I see comments where people are uncomfortable with Trump but not ready to stand:

"Republicans don't like Trump either. Remember he was a Clinton supporter before he decided to run." These need follow-ups like: This is the moment we find out who has backbone. This is no longer an argument over lesser evils. This is just truth or lies. If you are against corruption, stick with being against corruption: don't divide into two teams unless you desire the world divided into two teams.

There are some great Republican messengers

This corruption should not be, and to a small extent is not, partisan:
(Planning to add to this as I find more sources. Let me know what you find!)