Social media when people won't listen

By Stephen, 15 February, 2019

Trump often tries to get moderates to look at the left and say "I'm not one of them." He often trolls us into overreacting. That's kindof a natural part of politics, there's always a big center trying to figure out which side is crazier. From the left-media silo it's not obvious how good Trump is at playing media to make us seem like we are vicious and he merely speaks his mind, but he's good at that.

I think when Trump supporters are jumping around with all caps and just cheering any and everything he does, progressives shouldn't despair, but leverage that: to be more welcoming and less bonkers to any moderates listening to the conversation. That's the time to sound particularly reasonable. I think there are times to expand the Overton window, too — but not talking to ALL CAPS craziness. We talk about a time when left and right didn't hate each other — that's what moderates want, it's vital that the blame for dividing America goes where it belongs, and the left is terrible at staying calm long enough for Trump's violations to stand visible.

So maybe:

I miss when Americans of both parties used to talk to each other. Obama had Republicans in his cabinet. McCain worked with Sanders.

Big money started tearing us apart years ago. There was a moment of hope when Trump claimed he'd drain the swamp and bring Americans together. I hoped he would divide Washington DC from the swamp of lobbyist money. Instead he divided Americans from each other. Many people felt hope, but it was a mistake to trust him. Onwards.

(I never believed Trump would drain the swamp, but did have a tiny hope. It's good to be ready to welcome people who had a bigger hope of that worthy goal — we need to be in solidarity next election.)

If you think a politician is extreme, how do you stand with the rational center?