Temp: Alex Jones vs Trump

By Stephen, 3 January, 2022
The left generally sees Trump's movement as unmoveable, I've long disagreed: imho it has always been fragile: it will never bend, given the right push it will shatter. Until it shatters, it is solid. The right wing often has conflicts: Trump voters watch these conflicts and wait to follow the new consensus. Liberals often point out hypocrisy: the obvious response from Team-Trump is to see an opposing team calling you hypocrites, calling you liars, so you give the opposing team the finger. This seriously distracts from the in-fighting. What if, instead, we take a page out of more therapeutic techniques that encourage asking questions with real curiosity to get people talking, thinking beyond their pre-ordained talking points? What if, instead, we ask questions that cause people to start to *identify* with one side or the other in an intra-right conflict? It's important that the goal be about self-identity, "which team are you on?" — otherwise, as always happens, the voters are an audience to a fight but not participants, and they support the winner. I never see progressives using these techniques, and I think they would make quick work of movement that is as habitually as nasty to out-group members as MAGA is, if we ever get two identities seeded at the same time. Tonight, I'd like to play at meme-creation around the Alex Jones vs Trump fight in a way designed to put a chisel in a right-wing crack, instead of putting pressure on the whole right-wing which helps hold it together. Anyone want to explore with me?