Tuning Social Media Posts: What to do with the money for the wall

By Stephen, 6 March, 2017

Here is a powerful video about the GOP wasting $14 billion under Trump's direction, and how much we could do with that money.

Tuning this to Social Media Guide [in the works!] would take two small changes:

(1) Switch from "The GOP" to something like "Trump's GOP" or "Today's GOP." This keeps the cost to the GOP for doing Trump's bidding, but gives space for Republicans to feel that their old loyalties are being poisoned. It makes it easier for people who think of themselves as "The GOP" to decide that they are not "Trump's GOP" and join the big tent of everyone else.

(2) It needs a shared action step. A small foot in the door step, something everyone can do, that puts all decent Americans on the same side. "If you are conservative, liberal or in the middle, write your representative and say that there are better ways to spend, or save, $14 billion. Please write your representatives and tell them your preference: what unmet need do you want your representative to spend this $14 billion dollars on instead of the wall, or do you prefer that save the money?"

It could be amplified, perhaps, by echoing both people more directly impacted and conservatives talking about the need to reduce waste or a conservative voice arguing against this specific waste.