What is the most effective thing we can be doing as elections are on the horizon?

By Stephen, 21 January, 2024

Something local, with friends or meeting new friends, that involves connections to larger organizations but is more than a gear in a large machine. Many small projects with human connection.


That's not an easy fill-in-the-blank. I think effective activist culture might remind us more of the percolating young component of startup culture — thinking hackathons, not billionaires.


Information flow isn't "it," isn't the answer to your question, but is key: People who want this need a frame in the sense Lakoff talks about, where with a word you bring to mind many longer conversations. The information architects, I think, want to create memes and habits of interrupting every g.d. liberal whining fest, ideally we'd be organized enough to make it a ritual, where one person says "What are you doing about it?" and other people take that as their cue to list a half dozen projects, so every progressive sees an engaged community.