Join the "Rapid Response" team!

Imagine if with each new issue, the Democratic Party put out a guide for so you could help influence that week’s trending issues: ideas on what to post that stay focused important points, stories with heart, pointers to stay on frame, talking points — Conservatives have talking points, they can start conversations fast, can you? Imagine vetted research so you don’t have to do it all from scratch, every time. Well framed. Aware of Moral Foundations, and deep stories. A place you go each time a new issue comes up, and get stories — and maybe RCC style questions — to grab and post.

I’d bet that the Democratic institutions are not getting on the ball about messaging, no matter how much we complain, no matter how much this is needed. So let’s do it ourselves. SMART Politics and other contributors are calling this the Rapid Response project: providing Rapid Responses on issues as they come up. We’ve started with "Blue Solidarity" — a slight twist and reframing of "Vote Blue No Matter Who."

Are you ready to be part? We need to round out a team of three or four people for each issue. You don’t have to stay active with the Rapid Response month after month, but for a few weeks we need some focus. We’re hoping for non-hierarchical teams that work a little like small startups. Needed skills vary: being far enough along at SMART Politics skills to be part of a conversation about what might work or not, plus writing or editing or graphics or UX or web building or outreach or video or project management or marketing. We may have some small roles for proofreaders and quality feedback too.

If you’re interested, write a line or two about how you imagine helping, and we’ll let you know when we have our next online meeting:

That thing we’ve all been whining that someone should do — we’re going to build it. We need you.

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