Campaign 2020: Framing Choice; Framing Abortion. Which are you doing?

Framing Choice; Framing Abortion. Which are you doing? This will become a series of graphs and documents on framing intended for Democratic candidates. Table of Contents will (soon) follow introductory image. Much of this is my effort to implement George Lakoff's core ideas in Don't Think of an Elephant which I strongly recommend; I've also tried to summarize linguistic framing in Chapter 1 of Cognitive Politics.

Framing Choice; Framing Abortion. Which are you doing?

What is your frame on abortion? What is your metaphor? Are you "Saying No" to a Republican frame, or saying your own frame? Are you practicing active listening with people who disagree on this one subject — and being clear about the fundamental reasons when you can't compromise without simply disagreeing via partisanship?

Chapter Sanders

Bernie Sanders recently said that "Abortion is medical care." Wow — after decades of saying that our theme is a woman's right to autonomy and choices in her own life, he's switched themes and metaphors! Most of my medical decisions do not involve my faith or deep decisions — so Pro-Life says that a fetus is very important; describing abortion as medical care is the same frame: A pregnancy is _________. A pregnancy is a human being; no, a pregnancy is a medical decision. In neither case are women involved at the framing level, though obviously ithe policy choices are opposite in how they treat women. But that's one level of thinking deeper than the slogan.