Avoid Displaced Anger

Sometimes real relationships have anger; try to make political conversations into real conversations, make them alive. if you must get angry with the person you are talking with, make sure it is personal and focused. Keep your feelings in the room, based on what they are doing, not something “their team” is doing. See "Be Alive — No Stale Anger" in Cognitive Politics, p. 50 of the first edition.
By Stephen, 26 January, 2019

This quote speaks true to me. It seems accurate and eloquent, calling out a true phenomena we are seeing: To much of this country, black lives don't matter, while mistaken accusations against white kids are the apocalypse. The parents who watch black children get shot without lifting a finger, now freak out that all the kids from Covington High are called racists on a day where only some of them were caught, that day, in clear acts of contempt.