Conversation Basics: Agree

Agree with as much as possible. This can be the glue that makes clear you've been listening, and see yourself as a person on the same team or in the same community, with only a finite area of disagreement. If you don't agree with anything political, look elsewhere: "This is important to us all" or "this issue stresses me out too" are agreements. Step 4 of Radical Conversation Cycle: seek something you can agree with. Part of the glue between active or reflective listening and being on the same team.
By Stephen Cataldo, 12 August, 2019

Cognitive Politics is about communications techniques. This blog looks at how we share outrage on social media, an exercise intended to be shared with the Smarter Politics community.

My friends are asking "When is the President going to be held accountable?"

Trump's America isn't what I ever thought America would be.

I'm angry in solidarity with you. SMART started because anger wasn't winning us elections, wasn't keeping people like Trump out of office.