Planning a Rapid Response: from #Blue vs #Bust to Solidarity

"Vote Blue No Matter Who" is an imperative: I'm telling you what to do. That's about as far from active listening as possible.

Join a small team that wants to explore whether "Vote Blue No Matter Who" is the right slogan and frame for maintaining solidarity among progressive voters — and likely encourage a solidarity theme instead of an "I'm telling you what to do theme." If you want someone to do you a favor and vote as you suggest, do them a favor first — like listen to them, or listen to their list of internal party changes. Also you'd never say "no matter who" unless the choices were sad. We'll want to look at new ways to inspire people who prone to #bust to look in new directions — treating both #blue and #bust as audiences of our work.

This is a placeholder. We expect to work on this starting early March, 2020.

If you'd like to volunteer and make this happen contact Stephen

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