Bedrock Centrism

Holding rooted to solid values without wavering based on which side violates them. For example, bedrock centrists might fight for democracy, opposing gerrymandering, kicking people off voter rolls, for investigations and punishments around voter fraud of any type, seeking evidence around accusations made by any party. Bedrock centrism ideally involves developing a measure of your values, and then looking at the evidence of how people are acting — it doesn't mean looking at evidence of people's actions and then moving your own values to the center of everyone else.

Floater Centrism and Mushy Civility

Take a look at Cannon Thomas, Ph.D's Politics and the Catastrophe of Us and Them: We have to change the way we view the opposing party for our nation to thrive. The article favors what I call "floater" centrism: it lists a whole bunch of acts of violence all by one side, and draws the conclusion that we're all equivalent (floating between the parties) instead of cal

What does it mean to be a centrist amidst today's partisan brawling?

An awful lot of us are pissed off at partisanship coming from politicians — and our friends.

The ideals of a democracy where we talk to each other and are all trying to make this country better, with different views of how to make the country better, they are failing. The center is not holding.