Framing Exercise: Types of Lies

This is a framing exercise, exploring why PolitiFact says Clinton lies much less than typical politicians, yet she still has a terrible reputation? Part of a series looking at how lying is framed, rather than fact-checking as PolitiFact does.

Step 1: Think of 2 or 3 lies by Clinton. And half a dozen by Trump. Write them into a comment below.

Imagine that instead of this being an election, it's a sport, and they are athletes from your favorite team. Plus maybe you and they have all been drinking.


It's a Trap: Left and Right, Guns and Crony Capitalism

Many Sanders supporters claim there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. As I write, Democratic Congresspeople are holding a sit-in to demand gun control while Republicans after Orlando still march under the NRA’s orders. 

Today they are calling the Republicans out, demanding change, leading. Today there is no doubt there is a difference, and lives are on the line. When corporate give-aways are on the line, it’s much harder to tell the difference.

Research needed: Liberals + Forests = Sanctity?

According to Moral Foundations Theory, conservatives are much more attuned to sacredness or sanctity than liberals are. When I say this to liberals, they often use nature as a counter-example.

Are they wrong? Does cutting down a forest seem to violate fairness to liberals: you didn't plant that forest, so you can't cut it down. Does a forest seem in some way alive, so cutting down a forest lacks compassion to the forest itself?

Or have we found an edge case contradiction to Moral Foundations, where liberals do see sanctity, see a natural order that should not be violated?

Just Vote Blue vs BernieOrBust

The Democratic Party, after having a surprisingly mature start to the primary season, is about to tear itself apart. These frames aren't just angry, they are disrespectful. BernieOrBust pretends to be talking to the DNC, but a huge portion of the Sanders base including volunteers (and likely including Sanders) will be very upset if the Sanders primary plays even a small role in a Republican victory. And "Just Vote Blue" is basically saying "shut up."

What are the real messages, how could each of these movements be reframed to work?

Effective Comment Framing Example: Is Sanders too far left to win the election?

Online comments are one of the worst places for mind-changing conversations. A key techniques to get around this: create your frame and question, but leave it open ended, requesting the reader to draw the conclusion. The example below is in response to someone who believes Sanders is a lost cause because he is too far left:

Framing: Bernie Sanders Campaign

This blog extends the advice from Cognitive Politics to today's politics. It is oriented towards citizen-activists and not just politicians.

Goals Overview

Sanders twin goals are to build a movement bursting with enthusiasm and swing swingable voters -- without his movement's bursting enthusiasm offending those swingable voters. The primary seems to be a race against time and and isolation within his demographics.